Mary Margaret counsels that this theory of hers should not be known by Henry because even if Emma no longer has feelings for Neal, it will drive a wedge between him and Tamara. He leads her to the basement, where Excalibur is buried in the stone, tempting her to unite the sword with the dagger to be rid of any hope of light inside her. Recalling what she had said last night, Henry apologizes for failing her, but Emma assures him that she meant everyone except him. Rumplestiltskin obtains the dagger, summoning the Dark One, Zoso. Emma dies but is revived with the power of Henry's kiss of true love. Emma argues she took Violet's heart with good reason, to which Regina compares her to Cora, who did horrible things with "good reason". Suspecting she is lying, Emma procures her real address and enters the trailer home with Regina, where they discover Lily has a collage of information about the truth. After she finally admits the truth to her parents and Regina, a plan forms to return everyone's memories from the dreamcatchers so they can piece together Hook's objective, but Hook has already stolen them. Recognizing the name, Emma checks a newspaper microfiche, eventually locating a Lilith Page, who was her childhood friend Lily. ("Desperate Souls"), She quickly gets her first job as sheriff afterwards when two orphans, Ava and Nicholas Zimmer, shoplift from Mr. Clark's store and Regina wants them to be sent to the foster system in Boston. When she and Hook are alone, Emma gives him a sincere thanks for saving her father's life. She regains her memories from the potion and later learns that her family has been re-cursed by someone powerful. When the sapling is destroyed by the Queen, Emma and Regina prepare to counterattack with their combined magic, except Snow and David decide to give up their hearts in order to save the townspeople. Even when shown footprints collaborating with a scuffle, Emma is hesitant to readily accept it means Neal was at their camp. On the way out of Storybrooke, Mr. Gold is able to use a shawl enchanted with magic to cross the town border without losing his memories. The next morning, she can't shake the feeling something is off with Henry and thinks things over at the dock. She calls Michael, and when he arrives, she convinces him to take the children in. David gives Elsa a shepherd's crook, and from it, she hears her sister's heartbeat. After Mary Margaret is injured by Lily, who morphed into dragon form, Emma uses magic to heal her. He prattles about needing to find his heart by following a wolf. Emma reassures Regina that she won't be a problem, especially since the father doesn't know Henry exists. Forcing him to surrender at gunpoint, Emma then gives chase when the man runs away only for him to be caught by David. Emma forgives Hook for not being honest about her grandfather's murder and contemplating to leave. Emma and Regina arrive back to Storybrooke, but when Robin seemingly isn't there, Emma leaves to give Regina a moment alone. Suspecting Hook may have it, Emma orders a takeout from Granny's with a note asking him to meet her on his ship. Borrowing magical disguises from Rumplestiltskin, they present themselves as Princess Leia and Prince Charles to blend in the castle. She drives him to the Storybrooke welcome sign, which she crashed into during her first night in town, as an example of her own attempt to run away from her Savior duties. She heads to the manor where Mr. Gold directs her into a room to be stripped of magic. Emma proclaims her that the things she's doing now are to sustain their future. Receiving a phone call, she is told Neal is recovering in the hospital. In a private chat, Hook asks Emma about what happened earlier, and she fills him in on the vision's new details along with her suspicions that something in the pawnshop triggered it. He feels guilty about destroying magic, as he believed it'd help their family, but now, he's made things worse. Megara later reunites with Hercules and Mary Margaret to kill the hellhound together. ("Dreamcatcher"), After Merlin and some of the heroes have rescued Lancelot from Arthur's castle, they regroup with everyone else at the diner. Emma sees Hook and Tinker Bell come out of the building together, which leads her to suspect the two are now involved, though both give different answers. They find Auntie Em's headstone is neither tipped or cracked and to get true love's kiss, Snow suggests bottling a kiss from Auntie Em and delivering it to Dorothy in Oz. ("Manhattan"), Mr. Gold presses for Emma to convince Neal to go back to Storybrooke with them. Frustrated, Regina insults Pinocchio for not trying harder as Emma diffuses the situation by taking the boy out of the room. Emma hopes with Mary Margaret's help, Henry will eventually see fairytales are not real. With one job done, Emma approaches Sidney at the diner to let him know she is aware of his backstabbing. Seeing Mr. Clark wearing her trademark red jacket, Emma callously questions who he is supposed to be, and out of annoyance, she turns him to stone. WonderCon 2012 Quickie: Co-Creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz Talk ONCE UPON A TIME, Once Upon a Time Q&A: Jennifer Morrison Drops a Few Hints About Season 2, Once Upon a Time - Emma Storybook Page (1317), Jennifer Morrison On Being The Skeptic In ‘Once Upon A Time’, ‘Battlestar Galactica’s’ Katee Sackhoff: ‘I walked away from ‘Once Upon a Time’ role’, Not afraid to show some skin! Relating the dream she had, excluding the part where her mother died, she talks about possibly burning the names from the headstones. Safe and sound above ground, Emma goes to reunite with Henry, but Regina pushes her away from him. Emma's hand tremor is triggered when she grows frightened of what will happen if their mission fails, but Hook calms her down by reminding her of the story of Snow White and Prince Charming, and how she was born from true love, the most powerful magic that enables her to do anything. However, Emma attests it was worth it since she got to be his mother and find her family. Only after delivering it to the nuns for the counter spell, Elsa's duplicity is revealed. During a party at Granny's, she talks to Lily about her father, whose identity not even her motherMaleficent knows of as both she and Lily's birth father only met in their dragon forms. At home, they nurse the temporary setback by snacking on ice cream. Mysteriously, some town residents have been disappearing since everyone's return to Storybrooke, and when two more dwarves are reported missing, Emma decides to look into it. Emma moves to use magic, but Mr. Gold freezes her and Mary Margaret. She tells Hook about the manifestation of Rumplestiltskin, and to take her mind off of this, Hook takes her riding. Emma coldly asserts that she would rather be alone and walks off. To work towards defeating Hades and helping Hook, Snow urges her to pitch in with the book research. ("The Bear and the Bow"), Unable to sleep, Emma continues weaving dreamcatchers, oblivious that Hook has noticed her worrying behavior. They rush to Jasmine after hearing her cries for help, but they soon discover this was a ploy by the Queen to draw them in. Physical Description She and Graham investigate at a caved in sinkhole. While they wait, Emma recognizes that Elsa, like herself, cannot control her magic. The two lure out the Dragon together, and from Henry's side, he smashes the mirror, just as the Dragon's fire breath hits the other side. David and Hook procured only one bean, but it's enough. While getting a car to bring Mr. Gold to the ship, Emma asks Neal why he is helping his dad. "But now it's just a . Since Ruby saw Regina's angry exchange with Archie a day earlier, this gives reason that she might have murdered him. When David actually suggests they do that, Snow drags him outside to discuss what is really bothering him. Tearfully, Emma acknowledges that she still loves him since the day they met again, but had hopes he wasn't alive because their relationship has given her a lot of pain and she just wanted to move on. Snow and Hook notice something off with her, but she assures them all is well before walking off into a clearing, where her hand begins shaking on its own. Emma offers Mary Margaret the option of taking her car and leaving for Boston or going back to the jail. As a grieving Emma cradles Neal, he returns her swan necklace, insisting she and Henry can find happiness without him and he will watch over them. Emma speaks to Mr. Gold about the note in his old cell and accuses him of pulling strings in her life from the very beginning. Even with this, Emma surrenders and offer her the key to the kingdom. Thinking she has been betrayed, she confronts August about his double crossing by assisting Regina, but he claims his innocence profusely; something Emma has a hard time believing. After a small amount of chit chat with Anton, Leroy marches over to pull him back to work. ("Shattered Sight"), On the day she officially receives the deputy's badge, a large earthquake rumbles through Storybrooke. Afterwards, at the diner, she lets Hook to take Henry for the day and allow her son to learn about what Neal was like at his age. Even Henry tells her she's broken their trust too many times, and that she's hurt everyone with how she has shut them out in order to deal with the problem alone. . Appearing to Zelena in her cell, Emma teleports both of them to the house, where she attempts to get into Zelena's good graces with onion rings, which she has secretly doused with magic to eventually speed up Zelena's pregnancy. resolve in her eyes . Both her mother and father express praise and optimism in Emma; believing she will win against Ingrid. At the courthouse, Cleo tells Emma about her red jacket, which is her "armor" protection, and she advises the blonde to learn how to protect herself. Emma finally agrees, but as David tosses her the bean container, Hook snatches it in mid-air, which she makes him give back. Mary Margaret reveals Cora, while pregnant with another man's child, was once engaged to Leopold, but Princess Eva deliberately wrecked it. Ruby can only recall one person Dorothy ever loved, her Auntie Em, who died long ago. And while it's now great to see them again, their troubles are still far from over. Wij hebben slecht nieuws te melden uit het sprookjesachtige Storybrooke. Choreographing a meeting between the future couple, Emma distracts past Hook while future Hook boards the Jolly Roger to convince Snow White to steal Prince Charming's ring from King Midas' castle. Once Belle figures out what spell Zelena is intending to cast, everyone returns to Regina's house just after Mary Margaret was briefly possessed by Cora's spirit. ("Unforgiven"), Learning from her parents that Regina has gone undercover to infiltrate the villains' plans, Emma becomes increasingly worried when she does not report back. As they hastily leave, Neal steals a swan keychain for her. The next morning, Emma goes canoeing with Henry, but she returns to get life jackets from the shed and runs into Hook, who tries to distract her by flirting. Regina passes out after taking the scroll and awakens with knowledge of the price for stopping the curse. While she waits for him at a meeting spot, a police officer arrests her for possession of stolen goods. She hands the storybook to him; asking that he believe in magic. Unsure whether their child will be good or evil, Snow White and Prince Charming touch the horn of a unicorn to glimpse their baby's future. By the time Mr. Gold and Belle bring a captured Merida back, Emma is already waiting for them in the basement.