"We'll get you all," they chanted as some of them stretched out their right arms in the Hitler salute. Wäre ein solcher Humorbeitrag in der BILD erschienen , hätte man oben und unten den Hinweis "Satire" gefunden. The spectrum of those active in the region is extensive, he says. Media representatives in this country should think about that, because if the mood finally flips, it will be too late." : Examining the State of German Identity. Die Initiatorin von „Aufstehen“ ist in linker Hochform. His father is involved in a pro-Kurdish political party. Dieser Artikel ist ein Satirebeitrag. And, in turn, many eastern Germans feel doubly betrayed by Merkel -- because she never came across as a champion of the east and when she suddenly found a heart for people during the refugee crisis, it was for ones who couldn't even speak German. Every fourth voter plans to cast their ballot for the right-wing populists, putting the party in second place behind Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU). Elsewhere in Germany, people are less certain, with many asking if this week's riot are an indication that the ugly German is back -- racist, xenophobic and full of rage. Nur das Keuchen des alten Mannes ist zu hören. In the town of Merseburg, a rampaging mob drove a group of Cubans into the local Saale River, resulting in two drownings. The History of DER SPIEGEL, SPIEGEL Rights, Reprints and other Usages, The Death of an Ideal: Killing in Germany Triggers Fresh Refugee Debate, Who Are We? Yanis Varoufakis (1961–): Minister of Finance from 27 January 2015 to 6 July 2015. Da sind die sogar die Witze der Herrensitzungen im Kölner Karneval besser. Definitiv dabei sein wird auch Bernd Bege- oder Stegemann, das weiß ich jetzt nicht so genau. „Ich sage immer: Probleme zu verschweigen ist nicht links. The ugly term "traitor to the people," which Merkel is now slammed with in every corner in the east, speaks not only of anger, but also of a strange affront fueled by the belief that Merkel, in particular, must take special account of the complex emotional state of her compatriots. The violence in Chemnitz "is the intentionally provoked apex of a development that has been coming for almost 30 years," Christian Wolff, the former pastor of St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, writes on his website. Following the passage of a deadline in fall 2016, Germany assumed responsibility for him. Peter Gauweiler sei „natürlich“ mit dabei, auch Reinhold Beckmann, wenn auch eher aus Versehen, „aber der ließ sich nicht mehr abschütteln“. YouTube. In the Chemnitz neighborhood of Sonnenberg, where Lokomov is located, right-wing extremists wanted to establish a "national liberated zone" a few years ago, an area that would adhere exclusively to radical right-wing ideology. And Bulgaria had already approved the application. Dulig's son was one of the five passengers. Alaa S. has been in pre-trial detention since Tuesday and has apparently cooperated with the police. Chemnitz and its surroundings have been a right-wing stronghold ever since reunification, even if Germany's domestic intelligence agency, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, currently counts only 150 to 200 extremists in the city. "Neutrality in party politics was misunderstood as socio-political neutrality." LG, Hallo Marcus, der Artikel ist auf der Seite "Warheit" erschienen. The article you are reading originally appeared in German in issue 36/2018 (September 1th, 2018) of DER SPIEGEL. Initially, according to his files, officials wanted to send him back to Bulgaria because they believed that he had submitted an asylum application there. And repeatedly thereafter. Seit 2009 sitzt sie im Bundestag, im Mai soll sie stellvertretende Parteivorsitzende werden. "These right-wingers that are now taking advantage of this incident, we used to have to fight them because they didn't think we were German enough," wrote one of Daniel H.'s friends on Facebook. Man sollte ich nicht durch seine persönlichen Abneigungen leiten lassen. He is a social worker with RAA Sachsen, a project that helps victims of racist violence. One of the chairs was occupied by the city's representative in federal parliament, Frank Richter. Rise of the Autocrats: Liberal Democracy Is Under Attack. No one was ever held accountable. In recent days, he says, he has seen citizens of his city saying on television that they no longer dared go out on the streets, adding that he was at a loss. Yousif A. had a room to himself even though he only ever slept there twice a month. As always at his events, the rules were clear: No interrupting and stick to the facts. Mediencampus Villa Ida Poetenweg 28 04155 Leipzig. Sie hat den ©Tom. Even Marco Wanderwitz, today a top official in the Federal Interior Ministry, admits: "We as the CDU in Saxony didn't look closely at right-wing extremism for many years and didn't do enough about it. "Terms like heimat (homeland) and a strong regional identity on the one hand, and a cosmopolitan openness on the other. "There are tight links between hooligans and Kameradschaften," says hooligan expert Robert Claus, the latter a reference to loose alliances of neo-Nazis. Dabei stehe ich Mutter Teresa viel näher.“ Betroffen reichen wir Sahra ein Taschentuch. Even if they didn't know him well, his apartment-mates describe him as a nice guy who liked to drink, sometimes to excess. Ich glaube das könnt ihr besser. In total, Löscher counted seven incidents on Sunday, with 11 more coming on Monday. By contrast, Waibel notes that there were no known racist mob attacks on foreigner hostels in western Germany until 1992. A quango chief charged the taxpayer almost £1,000 a year to cover the cost of his membership of an exclusive club. Both groups are under surveillance by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and have been banned from the football stadium for years, but their influence on the more moderate scene is considered to be extensive. The father of this friend is from Tanzania while Daniel H.'s father is from Cuba. Sie pflegte seine Mutter, ihre eigene auch. : A Search for the Roots of Fear and Racism, stirred up and divided this country for the last three years. The German opposition leader Sahra Wagenknecht came to talk in Munich. A correspondent from public broadcaster ARD asked how he could reach that conclusion given that official statistics show that violent crime is dropping in Saxony. In June 2015, right-wing extremists used baseball bats to strike a car they suspected was carrying supporters of a refugee hostel in the town of Freital. He also said, though, that the fight against right-wing extremism cannot be delegated solely to the politicians. Again the police were overwhelmed and again, they were unable to disperse the demonstrations. But the 43-year-old has already been astoundingly clear where he stands in the fight against right-wing extremism. „Seinen Witz, dass Frauen mit Burkas wie Bankräuber oder Briefkästen aussähen, fand ich aber unpassend und falsch“, sagt die 48-Jährige. Germany has been rocked by right-wing riots in the eastern city of Chemnitz that followed a deadly stabbing over the weekend. The authorities refused to acknowledge that the crime might have been motivated by right-wing extremism, in part because Milbradt was concerned about the state's image. Alle Finanzmärkte, Produkte und Akteure sollen reguliert oder beaufsichtigt werden. In Chemnitzer FC, the local football club, there are a lot of neo-Nazis among the fans. SPIEGEL+ kann nur auf einem Gerät zur selben Zeit genutzt werden. Am 4. For many in Chemnitz, there is absolutely no problem with being right-wing. „Es gibt also einen Mann in Ihrem Leben?“, fragen wir, doch die süße Sozialistin winkt müde ab. On the second floor of a villa, Andreas Löscher scrolls through Twitter and Facebook in an attempt to find reports of attacks on migrants and to verify them. ", This is where AfD and Pegida come into play, he says, "with the way they project things onto the foreigner, the Muslim and the black man from Africa who sexually harasses women. Und wir Linken haben ein Problem mit Rechtspopulismus und mit den Wahlergebnissen. This time, says Vorländer, the feeling of being slighted, the feeling of being punished through no fault of their own, spread far beyond Dresden and across the entire state. According to a report compiled by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, there were 95 such crimes in Saxony in 2017. In the summer of 2017, the German pollster Infratest dimap surveyed around 1,000 Saxons on behalf of the governor's office. Rather than dealing with the problem of radical youth in his state, Biedenkopf preferred to cultivate a brand of cozy regional patriotism. "Of course there were scuffles," he says, before adding that the situation has calmed down significantly since then. The "ugly images" from Chemnitz could only have been prevented with a "significantly larger force," says Jörg Radek, deputy national head of the Union of Police, one of two main police unions in Germany. Bitte registrieren Sie sich und halten Sie sich an unsere Netiquette. Some 81 percent want more direct democracy, but when it comes to political participation, they prefer to stay away. At that time, in September 1991, 500 people rioted in front of two foreigners' hostels in Hoyerswerda. The conversation culminated in his realization that: "The real problem is immigration.". It was a weekend in which the people of Chemnitz actually wanted to celebrate. Dabei wäre es doch das Humanste, man würde sie da einfach belassen – das spart Mil­liarden an Reisekosten!“ Ob sie denn etwas ­gegen Ausländer habe, wollen wir wissen und schauen streng in ihre kastanienbraunen Augen. Und das nur, weil sie das Offensichtliche erkannt hatte: Linke Forderungen nach noch mehr Einwanderung ins deutsche Sozialsystem vergraulen die Wähler der Linken im Osten. At the time of the most recent polls, the deadly knife attack in Chemnitz hadn't happened yet. In … A state parliamentarian from the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party ascribed "direct complicity in the death of the doctor" to both the Baden-Württemberg state government as well as the federal government in Berlin "due to their misguided migration policies.". And the group is still going strong in Saxony, with hundreds of sympathizers still taking to the streets each week. Er zappt. The police in Saxony likewise hit the headlines with predictable regularity when they, for example, prevent journalists from doing their jobs or fail to mobilize enough officers, thus forcing them to stand by passively as right-wing extremists rampage through the streets. The revulsion over this fact can be heard in many voices, from the chancellor to the German president, from German business leaders to foreign commentators. Runkel can't remember a single crime from the last few years that was comparable to the one that just took place. Another time, in February 2016, he ran drunk in front of a snowplow and other vehicles at around 3:30 a.m. and was charged with traffic interference and given a fine. Federal prosecutors have since gotten involved in the incident. Liity Facebookiin ja pidä yhteyttä käyttäjän Helga Regnery-Bär ja muiden tuttujesi kanssa. Right-wing extremism is a nationwide phenomenon, not a specifically Saxon one. Like Dulig, Richter is a member of the SPD and would like to become Meissen's next mayor. Der Ort liegt unmittelbar an der deutsch-französischen Grenze. But the history of the CDU in Saxony and the handling of right-wing extremism has for the most part been one of failure. Later, some 400 people -- including asylum-seekers -- held a march to commemorate the beloved doctor. They cast blame on migrants as a group and declared open season on them. The result was that Kretshmer's reaction following the riots in Chemnitz -- when he said that the events "need to wake up all of us" and that we "cannot let up in the fight against right-wing extremism" -- were broadly accepted as being authentic. One of those networks is the fan group "New Society," whose members refer to themselves as "NS Boys," a clear play on National Socialism. After 20 attacks, her landlord cancelled her lease. They chase down and attack migrants, they set fire to asylum-seeker hostels, they have apparently abandoned human decency itself, along with civilized debate and the political system of representational democracy. Reissig also points to the positive example set in Heidenau, the site of an incident which saw hundreds of demonstrators seeking to prevent asylum-seekers from entering their dormitory. In 2015, the year of the huge influx of refugees, there were only 81 such cases. Crimes that resulted in a death accounted for just 0.2 percent. Fear seems to be a dominant feature of life in Chemnitz. „Der will halt auch mal wieder irgendwo mitmischen. They apparently dream of a different model: nationalist, monoethnic, authoritarian and anti-liberal. A Surge in Support for Right-Wing Populists, In many places, Vorländer says, a crack is now running through the middle class in Saxony. The local theater's ballet director has also recommended to her dancers, many of whom come from other countries, that they not walk through the city alone. In Chemnitz right now, it's clear who's winning this battle. One group, called "HooNaRa," has attracted particularly close attention over the years, its name standing for "Hooligans Nazis Racists." The initiative was launched 20 years ago as a voluntary youth association in the town of Pirna in response to the strong election showing by the neo-Nazi political party NPD and to violent acts carried out by far-right extremist groups. But they are currently much louder than the majority. It has lots of graffiti on the walls, homemade furniture in the yard and quite a few cats wandering around. Yousif A., allegedly the main perpetrator, apparently began stabbing Daniel H. suddenly. Die neue Sammlungsbewegung solle auch nicht national beschränkt sein, schließlich sei die Linke „immer internationalistisch“ gewesen. "Particularly since there are no significant health and material damage," officials noted in the file. Sie trocknet ihre Tränen. Naja...ich mag ja oft die Wahrheit Kolumne, aber sich darüber lustig zu machen, dass eine Frau die sich in der politischen Öffentlichkeit bewegt schön ist und "oh-mein-gott-das-geht-ja-gar-nicht" sich stilvoll kleidet und noch dazu eine nicht der gesellschaftlichen Norm entsprechende Beziehung führt, ist nun wirklich von gestern und gehört eher in die Kategorie #metoo. That's how things were -- at least until the strangers came from the West and thoughtlessly and often arrogantly turned things upside down according to their own rules. „Ich wurde schon so oft missverstanden, dass ich direkt zur Miss-Wahl gehen könnte – als Miss Verstanden. His co-workers liked him and his friends say he was always in a good mood, always ready with a smile. Hagen Husgen, state chairman of the police union, complains that there is little continuing education still available to the police forces in Saxony. He says he's also aware of how big the right-wing extremist problem remains in Saxony today. Video cameras have recently been installed and a mobile police station has been set up where citizens can report their concerns. For quite some time, right-wing populists have been deliberately searching for suitable violent crimes they can exploit to gain political capital. "We underestimated the situation," a police spokesman admits. He succumbed to his injuries in the hospital a short time later. „Ach Quatsch, ich habe überhaupt nichts gegen Flüchtlinge, sie sind Menschen wie ich – oder wären es jedenfalls, wenn sie etwas mehr Bildung hätten und schönere Sachen an, zum Beispiel mal ein Damenkostüm in angesagter Bouclé-Optik mit paspelierten Taschen und langen Puffärmeln. LG. In Saxony, demonstrators confront reporters, as happened most recently in Dresden, when a (now former) employee of the State Criminal Police Office accosted a television team from public broadcaster ZDF. A bit like Trump, a bit like Orbán. Vielen Dank für den Hinweis. "Chemnitz is a big village," says Marie. Fiebernd schreiben wir mit, im Stehen selbstverständlich, denn die Kraft der Sammlungsbewegung hat auch uns erreicht. "One could see from the participants in the marches that the old structures can still be used for mobilization," says Ulli Jentsch of the Anti-Fascist Press Archive in Berlin. Alexis Tsipras (1974–): Leader of Syriza and Prime Minister of Greece from 26 January 2015 to 8 July 2019. As such, he said, it's helpful to pull back and look at the forest through the trees and to focus the discussion on the actual issues. "We can win this battle," he says. There's a method to them. The two women live in Kompott, a leftist-alternative cultural and residency center. Officials in Germany are concerned about how quickly right-wing elements were able to organize the riots and are now investigating to find out if secret structures are in place. "I just ask those people to leave," he said. „Er hat nicht verstanden, dass es um etwas Großes geht, um Einigkeit. Sahra Wagenknecht hat diese Unerbittlichkeit gerade wieder einmal am eigenen Leib erfahren. „Zentrum für die Erneuerung der Demokratie“ steht auf dem Türschild der Villa. Bei Sarah Wagenknecht, wagt sie aber die Gleichberechtigung. Why is it always Saxony? There was no counter-protest because the participants' safety could not be guaranteed. The statistics do not show how many Germans have been the victims of crimes committed by migrants. Die unterstützen die gute linke Sache, haben „sich bisher aber noch nicht öffentlich geäußert und zur Bewegung bekannt“. Today, he and his staff teach the basics of democracy and personal respect in schools and day care centers. Klicken Sie auf den Button, spielen wir den Hinweis auf dem anderen Gerät aus und Sie können SPIEGEL+ weiter nutzen. The state cabinet member takes it with him as he travels across the state to lend people his ear and a bit of support. Das hat die G 20 im Jahr eins der großen Finanzkrise im Herbst 2008 angekündigt. Around 17 percent of the cases related to bodily harm, with sex crimes making up 1.5 percent of the total. The mob is back, is the message sent by the images from Chemnitz, just like 26 years ago. Ein wahrlich aufrüttelnder Erfahrungsbericht. „Doch da konnte ich ihm keine leeren Versprechungen machen“, kichert die schöne Sozialistin zum Abschied. The party called for a rally, which was attended by a couple hundred people, but the counter-demonstration was just as large. They requested backup from Leipzig and Dresden, but videos of the rampaging mob spread quickly on the internet. "For many, this marked the final collapse of a world that had defined itself as Saxon.". Police patrol the streets of Chemnitz: After intially failing to request backups, police in Saxony have drawn harsh criticism this week for their handling of the riots. Each year, more people retired from the force than were recruited. Oliver Maria Schmitt, Der, die, das Berufspolitik*er/In liegt im Segment „Aussterbende Berufe“ ganz weit vorn. Michael Kretschmer, who has been governor of Saxony since December 2017, also faces the challenge of determining where he will yield and when he will draw red lines when it comes to the needs of the people in his state. The event was well-attended and there were eight chairs around Dulig's kitchen table. Das „schöne und kluge Aushängeschild der Linkspartei“ (SuperIllu) geleitet uns ins Wohnzimmer, einen Traum in Apricot und Shabby-Chic. The archive has been monitoring the right-wing scene across Germany for almost three decades, including the one in Chemnitz. Then, at 3 a.m. on Aug. 26, 2018, in Chemnitz, Yousif A. from Iraq and Alaa S. from Syria are suspected of having stabbed a 35-year-old Cuban-German man to death. Helga Regnery-Bär on Facebookissa. For the young physicist from Templin, the GDR was a small, old-fashioned world that she quickly left behind once the Wall fell. Aber als ich das sagte, da wurde ich mal wieder missverstanden.“ Die gutaussehende Linkspolitikerin mit dem geheimen Faible für Foie gras und Bankenregulierung steht auf und reckt die Fäuste zur eierschalfarbenen Zimmerdecke. Dezember 1990 (kurz nach der Wiedervereinigung) und von 1995 bis 1999 SPD-Vorsitzender. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez de 1 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez en 1 Amadeu Antonio Foundation 2 Amadeu Antonio Stiftung 2 Analysis de 1 Analysis en 1 Andreas Braun de 1 Andreas Braun en 1 Angela Merkel de 1 Angela Merkel en 1 Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer de 1 Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer en 1 Ansgar Dittmar de 1 Ansgar Dittmar en 1 anti-Jewish 1 anti-Judaismus 1 Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund 1 … Bing helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing. Nach der Bundestagswahl im September 1998 Gerhard Schr… The truth, however, is that five people had been killed since the fall of the Wall in crimes fueled by far-right extremism. (Télécharger) Sh Jo Manga: Sh Jo, Ayashi No Ceres, Fushigi Yugi, Angel Sanctuary, Basara, Imadoki, Please Save My Earth, Magic Knight Rayearth pdf de Source Wikipedia, Livres Groupe Niveaulos wäre noch geschmeichelt. Not even five hours after the bloody crime, the tabloid website tag24.de published a report under the headline: "35-Year-Old Dies after Stabbing in the City." During the communist era, foreigners, most of whom originated from the so-called "brother states" of the Eastern Bloc, were accommodated in their own halls of residence. "With loud resistance, they get what they want," he said. First as deputy party chairman, then as group vice, since 2015 as head of the parliamentary group. The tenor was: "Yes, perhaps we are better than the others." But that didn't happen. Der russischstämmige gebürtige Franzosé Oskar Lafontaine (frz. Instagram. There was never a trace of self-criticism. The rapper Namika performed and City Hall was lit up by colorful lights. Sehen Sie – auch ich bin gespalten, suche meine innere Einheit: Ich bin charismatisch, zugleich aber auch ein scheues Reh. "There was a lack of a middle-class sounding board that could clearly articulate itself," Vorländer says. Out of fear that festival goers might be attacked, organizers called off the party on Sunday afternoon. The militant comments made by the AfD politicians don't appear to just be a couple of off-the-cuff remarks made by loose cannons. Einerseits bin ich Stil-Ikone, andererseits trage ich privat schon mal Schlabber-Couture und silberne Crocs. On May 1, he stood in the stands during a rally held by the labor union DGB in Chemnitz and called on all people to fight right-wing extremism. „Na ja, erst haben wir überlegt, die Bewegung WASG zu nennen, abgekürzt für WAgenknecht-Sahras Gemeinschaft, aber dann hat sich mein Mann im Rotweinrausch an den tollen Song von den Bots erinnert: 'Alle Menschen, die ein besseres Leben wünschen, sollen aufstehn!’“ Jetzt kommt Leben in den alten Mann im Fernsehsessel. Suchbegriff. Far-right protesters in Chemnitz: The eastern state of Saxony has become a breeding ground of right-wing activists, with extremist structures having become solidified shortly after German reunification. Die "Wahrheit" ist die Satireseite der taz. During that event, he said: "Let's send out a strong message together." Even if you might not agree completely with all aspects of Wolff's analysis, it makes one wonder: What has happened in eastern Germany, in Saxony, in the 29 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall? Also, goennen wir ihnen den Spass und hoffen wir, dass sie sich bald ins Privatleben in der Villa der “sozialen Gerechtigkeit” zurueckziehen und niemals wieder in einem Parlament auftauchen. On two occasions, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) interviewed him, most recently just a few weeks before the murder of Daniel H. -- almost three years after he had entered the country. He now wants to apply the concepts there to the entire state. Meanwhile, the right wing seems to have the upper hand in Saxony. That's what the right-wing populists do. It triggers the fury that drives people out onto the streets. By DER SPIEGEL Staff, The Riots in Chemnitz and Their Aftermath, Frequently Asked Questions: Berlin historian Harry Waibel searched the East German archives and listed more than 8,600 instances of neo-Nazi, racist and anti-Semitic propaganda and violent crimes in the GDR and found that at least 10 people died. "This is not our Saxony. Everything You Need to Know about DER SPIEGEL, Six Decades of Quality Journalism: The hoodlums are, of course, far from being in the majority in Saxony. Crime statistics for the state of Saxony support Runkel's assessment. And, finally, the third slight: the immigration of numerous Muslim migrants in 2015, which many Saxons perceived to be the next foreign invasion. The investigation was closed with the consent of the East German public prosecutor's office. Last year, there were 27 murders and 69 cases of manslaughter in the state, which has a population of just over 4 million. Dann mailen Sie uns bitte an kommune@taz.de. Bottles were thrown. For weeks afterward, there was a palpable sense of anxiety in the city. When it comes to serious crimes like murder and manslaughter, the number of cases is so low that fluctuations are more indicative of chance than of shifting trends.