Apps HWiNFO that I use also has “HWiNFO Fan Control”. HWiNFO32 by REALiX provides you with comprehensive system information details including hardware analysis, monitoring, and reporting for Windows and DOS. The latest update link here. I am able to put my fans to 5000 rpm. Fixed FAN Icon disappearing at 0 RPM in Liquid and Mainboard skins Fixed wrong Circle Roundline Min/Max Settings when MSIAB and HWiNFO settings are different in CPU and GPU Skin FritzBox: corrected LED status when There is utterly no 3rd party software that has actual access to the fans either. I got a score 1011, min/max 7.5/90.9, fps 40.1 the card hit 66c and no higher (please note it is MSI 4gb in a AW M17x R4 and it has only been in the system for a week - so I know the thermal paste and pads aren't at their peak I can't adjust my fan speeds at all. It adds support for a lot of new hardware.Bug fixes and more, as always. hwinfo has no fan control. This free tool gives you a ton of information about all the attached hardware in Windows. I start Eve online while monitoring HWiNFO, and after several minutes, the GPU fan icon appears. Sometimes I want to control my laptops fan.For example set it's RPM to 100%.But there is no way. Hi all. The icon on the right side of the fan controller doesn't let me click New versions will now appear For more information on using HWiNFO with Alienware systems, check out this link: Alienware Fan Control. To start off, I know you guys have been complaining for years that HwInfo blocks control of controlling both the CPU and GPU fans on the Ranger at once, and that you can only choose one or the other. When HWInfo is running rightclick on the icon and choose Sensor. Then you can control both fans at the same time (you cannot control them separately). Open up the sensors window and there should be a little fan icon. Hwinfo loads fine for me at startup as well, the problem is the fans don't fire up like they used to under windows 7. The fan icon is in the sensor section. Click on that to change your fan curve Click now SpeedFan is a program that monitors voltages, fan speeds and temperatures in computers with hardware monitor chips. This version took quite a long time to see the light because of many things that happened. Fast downloads of the latest free software! On the[ System Tray ]tab of the application, can set any monitoring display in System Tray. HWINFO won't run for me. How to control fans with HWINFO automatically Run sensors only Press fan icon at the bottom Press Custom Auto Select DELL EC. Be aware of some laptop cooling pads with fans in them, cheap ones can actually worsen the problem. My model is: Acer Aspire VX 15 VX5-591G-54PG, but it should work in any VX15/VX5. It has been one day since the mod and no issues appeared, even thought, i would not encourage anyone to do so, DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. So i just did the new upgrade to Windows 10, and my MSI Afterburner does not work properly. Press OK Download SpeedFan 4.52 for Windows. GPU fan has dropped below First, go ahead and download 2. To get control, download HWinfo and in the settings, disable ES mode (not sure what the exact setting is as I'm on mobile). I am baffled how the ROG gaming center app is able to get the data. Download Hwinfo. My table is visible in imgur below. Currently using rainmeter and rtss for testing temps but HWinfo does not show fanspeed for CPU or GPU. why do fans ramp up when i open hwinfo ? After 5 minutes, CPU is 59 and GPU is 50. SpeedFan 4.52 Final is now online! Since Windows has no built-in option, we are going to use a free third-party tool called HWiNFO. Please Dell, please help, its just a small tweak, give us real access to the fan controls. Laptop Tech Support 4 Oct 12, 2020 Question Lower Fan Speed HP Omen 15 Laptop Tech Support 1 Sep 29, 2020 R Laptop fans at full speed (100%) all the time I did add it to the start menu folder ect., but no luck , its also not running in the backround, i know definitley because i have my fans ramped all the way up so I know exactly when it starts loading. 1. I am trying to manually control the fan speed on my alienware m17 R3. but i have the opposite issue. I never checked the fan on my E5-575g series to even see if it has the sense wire too detect speed. Can customize the Fan Control by clicking the “Fan” icon at the bottom left of the app’s dashboard “Sensor Status”. Question Could no fan speed cause a laptop to shutdown at 60c? Hwinfo is in my taskbar, i have to click on it, click on sensors , then i have to click on the small fan icon a the bottome of the sensor status screen. I have an older Alienware Area-51 Desktop that I bought in 2010, and have to say, its served me great over the years. Select CPU Set table as you please. Dell forcing us to use Hwinfo since Dell fails to fix a working fan profile to these Alienware Laptop .. We require that Dell fixes bios / Ec so that the fan profile on our Alienware 17R1 Ranger and Alienware 18 Viking works as they should. Then you'll find it on the lower end, i checked that yesterday on my M11. I tried turning off EC control but that did not even give me the 3 setting option to control fan speed. It's important to use the latest version of HWiNFO and to set up a good fan control table. if you GPU fan at 5128 RPM, but it immediately starts to drop. I'm sure fans are programmed to run at 100% their speed when the PC gets hot, so there's no way to let them go ANY faster. Using COMPAL EC shouldn't be a problem since you have an ATI card. Hello every one. I thought this was Alienware, a brand that lives up to its name by being a true gaming computer, the least you can do is give us access to the fans, please