One of the lovely modern touches is the integrated wireless Qi charger at the top of the case that allows you to charge your phone effortlessly. The 10 Best Ipad Mini3 Cases 5,771 reviews scanned ... Fractal Design Node 202 Mini-Itx Case for PC - Black 9.6 9.1 9.7 2: CiT Slim Micro ATX or Mini ITX Case with Built-in Card Reader Mini ITX cases are great for people who want a powerful build but have limited space on their work stations. When you boil it down to basics, this case is about as necessary as you can get. Pairing up a good graphics card with the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X is the sure way of creating a powerful gaming rig. There is truly no alternative of a high-end tower case with a big motherboard and a lot of components but still, the need for a Mini-ITX case cannot be ignored. 0. The case has a lot of features you'd find in a high-end mid-tower, including excellent cable management and a full-sized tempered glass panel. This often proves inimical to costly PC components, especially the graphics card. There are numerous mini itx cases available in the market. Featuring a more flat design that can be tucked away under a TV console – the Node 202 is popular option amongst SFF builders since it is good value ($80), 10.2L in volume (small) and fits 3-slot graphics cards of up to 310mm in length and CPU coolers of up to 56mm in … Designed to fit components for general purpose and office builds, SilverStone SG13 is also an ideal mini-ITX case for building a home theatre PC. The best part about this Mini-ITX case is the price. At the third place on our list, Silverstone FT30B is one of the best mini itx case weighing just 13 pounds and measuring 13 x 11 x 19 inches, this is one of the smallest mini ITX case available in this section. Best Mini ITX Case 2020 1. NCase M1 V6.1 Best High-End Mini ITX Case When it comes to PC cases, it's incredible to see how far we've come along from the annoying old beige boxes of the early 90s. NZXT H200. There's also the premium design with tempered glass side panel and overall high build quality. If you need to go even smaller than what we've covered thus far, this SilverStone case is just what you need. Excellent lighting effect, along with the black side glass, shows light effects decently. They also make great mini ITX cases, and the Obsidian 250D is no exception. MINI-ITX PC with a high-end GPU is what I was looking for. Feb. 15, 2016, 12:05 p.m. Best graphics card: your perfect pixel-pusher awaits By Andre Rodrigues. By Hassam Nasir June 12, 2020. If you want a case that looks the part and handles heat well, the H210i is your new best friend. There is also a beginner guilder for water cooler setup which has been greatly simplified. A stunning exterior combined with a well-engineered interior makes it the perfect case to bring 4K PC gaming to your living room. This case supports larger GPUs and rocks some seriously good cable management features. It's also pretty expensive. Best CPU for gaming: the top chips from Intel and AMD If you need something simple and affordable, but is well-made and reliable, then this model is an excellent choice. The best Mini ITX cases for gaming will even allow you to tap into the unthinkable: serious overclocking. MJOLNIR has everything you need in a compact mini-ITX case: mind-blowing hardware support, 120 / 240 mm AIO liquid cooling and jaw-dropping RGB lightning. While it may have less performance than H200i, it is significantly cheaper. So, in this guide, we’re going to list some of the best mini-ITX motherboards currently available for both Intel and AMD-based systems at various price points and chipsets. The Silverstone ML08B-H is an almost exact copy of the popular Silverstone Raven RVZ02. If you're looking for a smaller case but still want to show off all your shiny new PC components, this is definitely the case for you. 1 year ago. Lian Li has a great solution for those who enjoy attending LAN sessions with the TU-150. If you're looking to build a simple, compact gaming system or HTPC, Cooler Master's Elite 110 is as accessible as it gets. With RGB support and plenty of airflow, it's a solid option for mini builds. It can support full-length video card so you might not even need to purchase a mini ITX GPU at all. 7. Dave has been obsessed with gaming since the days of Zaxxon on the Colecovision, and code books for the Commodore Vic 20 (Death Race 2000!). It doesn't automatically mean you have to compromise on the components you drop into your rig, as many will allow you to use full-size graphics cards and high-end CPUs. by Brian Murray. The Cooler Master Elite 110 is a relatively basic ITX case that doesn’t come with too many bells and whistles. The setbacks worth noting include the single SATA power plug on PSU loom and the optical drive sled 2.5″ drive mount. Form Factor: Mini-ITX tower | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX | Dimensions: 170 x 470 x 274 mm | Weight: 7.6 kg | Radiator Support: 120mm | I/O Ports: 1x Audio/Mic, 2x USB 3.0 | Drive Bays: 3x 2.5-inch, 1x 3.5-inch. At a mere $40, it's straightforward for us to recommend the Elite 110 for builders on a budget. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. By Hassam Nasir June 12, 2020. The In-Win Mini-ITX Slim case is one of the smallest models on this list, but it features crafted aluminum parts as well as a solid construction. Building your own NAS requires plenty of drive bays and little else, which is precisely what SilverStone offers with the DS380B. This makes for quite the exquisite PC build if you don't mind the lack of airflow. It's a stunner to gaze at, a joy to build in and supports a variety of features not sacrificed in the quest for compact builds. It's still capable of being the basis of plenty of decent builds though. Big PC power really can come in small packages. Mini-ITX PC Cases One of the areas that Thermaltake as a vendor really get right is cooling and the V1 is certainly no exception. This PC case is compatible with ATX, microATX, and mini-ITX motherboards, along with a regular ATX PSU up to around 10.2 inches in length. Best Smallest Mini-ITX Cases to Buy in 2020. Their devices are all well designed, well built and yet still very affordable. A mini itx case which is a gaming case. Our pick for best budget Mini ITX is the time-honored classic, the Thermaltake Core V21.In addition to being one of the cheapest Mini ITX cases on the market, it’s still pretty fully-featured. It provides just enough power for most ITX builds with discrete graphics cards. Antec ISK 300-150 Mini-ITX There's also a problem with airflow, especially if you don't use an AIO cooler. in Reviews. They're all mini itx, bt relatively they're really big. The best Mini ITX cases will allow you to build a full-fledged gaming rig in a petite form-factor. CPU: Intel - Core i7-8700K @4.9 GHz 6-Core Processor CPU Cooler: be quiet! It’s a super slim Mini-ITX case and, except for the external appearance and an optional grip handle, the two cases share the same features and are almost identical. PC Gamer is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The front-panel shield helps prevent dust and other unwanted objects from entering the unit, but it also suffocates the drives slightly with less airflow. The case offers a wide assortment of cooling options with support for radiators up to 280mm in length. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. We were surprised to discover how roomy and straightforward it was to build in despite a small footprint measuring 6.7 x 18.5 x 10.8 inches. Our Favorite Picks. Thermaltake Core V1 – Best Mini-ITX case for airflow. First of all, with this mini ITX case full GPU or rather full-sized VGA support is guaranteed which means that I could easily fit my RTX 2080Ti in there. We reveal the best Mini ITX cases you can buy in 2020. Weighing only 2,45 kilograms, the SilverStone SG13 is not only one of the lightest mini-ITX cases, but is also one of the cheapest. If you like to have a console-sized gaming PC, then S4 Mini is the right choice because of it worth your money. Built to only support Mini-ITX builds, the H210i does a great job of fitting a high-end system into a compact, minimalistic package. A Mini ITX case is any case designed around the mini ITX motherboard form factor, which is the smallest of the mainstream motherboard form factors on the market. There are lots of mini-ITX cases that are customized for different purposes and needs. There are plenty of options for installing storage, depending on what you'll use the NAS for. A good balance of features, efficiency, and price are essential in order to establish a motherboard as the best mini ITX motherboard available on the market, and in the case of Gigabyte X570 I AORUS Pro WiFi, all these aspects are more than satisfied. Since there's nowhere to attach case fans, you'll be relying on whatever you can install to the right of the motherboard, which may result in higher temperatures on your passively-cooled motherboard chipset. One of the significant challenges with Mini-ITX cases is the minimal airflow they offer. 6 Best Mini ITX Computer Cases in 2020. JA Padilla - July 16, 2020. Dancase A4-SFX v4.1 (7.25L) First introduced via a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Dancase A4-SFX is perhaps the best SFX case one can buy for its price. By. Some other setups allow this, but this is in way of sacrificing 2.5” and 3.5” inch drives. But that doesn’t happen when you buy a compact case with excellent airflow and cooling like the Thermaltake Core V1. It can support full-length video card so you might not even need to purchase a mini ITX GPU at all. Except for one model, these products are made not only of steel and aluminum but also tempered glass. SilverStone has the perfect case with hot-swappable drive bays and three 120mm fan mounts for optimal performance. The Lian Li TU150 also features clever cable routing areas behind the motherboard tray and in the roof of the case. Besides supporting a high end (oversized) graphics card, it has to overcome the challenge of cooling a mid to high end CPU plus GPU in a tight space. This is easily one of the best mini ITX cases for airflow. The nzxt 200i and fractal design nano s are great cases. There's simply not enough space for a cooler that can handle high TDP CPUs. NZXT worked some magic with the H210i, essentially compacting the excellent H710i down into a smaller package for Mini-ITX motherboards. Matt black is a way to go with cases like this. While feature reduction has it's ups and downs; this case minimizes the negative and offers one of the smallest form factors we've seen. Use these GPUs if you're building a PC with an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, Whether they're in stock or not, these are the best AMD RX 6800 GPUs, The absolute best motherboards to use with AMD's Radeon RX 6900 XT. © Having a small, clean build in an interestingly compact package makes you feel good. One of the significant challenges with Mini-ITX cases is the minimal airflow they offer. NFC S4 mini is one of the best consoles sized mini ITX case available in the market. Cooler Master put more emphasis on cooling and overall compatibility. Gamers and enthusiasts are now proud to display their systems on their desks. The only drawback is the price and cooling support with just two 120mm spots for a blower or AIO. To create the top reviews and comparisons of the best mini itx cases, we examine a lot of user reviews.In order to create the list of the best mini itx cases we analyzed exactly 671 reviews.Our review analysis for mini itx cases will help you choose the best cheap mini itx cases.. Best mini itx cases 2020: 671 Reviews of mini itx cases Scanned. The NZXT H210i is essentially a tiny version of our favorite mid-tower, the H710i. Unless you get a bigger mATX case with more airflow, you want your GPU to vent all that heat outside the case. And if you want to take things one step further with custom liquid cooling, the larger Evolv Shift X offers even more bang for your buck. Despite its micro-ATX classification, we would highly recommend the 280X RGB for both mATX and micro-ITX builds. Joining Mobile Nations in 2010, you can usually find him inside a PC case tinkering around when not at a screen fighting with Grammarly to use British words. 6 minutes read. The darkFLash Micro ATX Mini ITX Computer Case with Magnetic Design wide-open door Nas case is best for gamers and professionals. No compromise case, except for PSU length (140mm is recommended with >170mm GPUs). Save space in style with the best mini-ITX cases. And this case also has great storage and supports radiators, high-end graphics cards, even the longer ones, and also standard ATX PSUs. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. A little research should eliminate most potential problems and ensure your machine can handle demanding games and storage expansion for the next few years. ... Nano S (best with an SFX PSU for extra GPU airflow) 20L (still big, but kinda fits into a bag): Core 500. If you're after a case that won't be the centerpiece to your setup, this is a solid offering from a reliable case builder. - Dark Rock Pro 3 67.8 CFM Fluid Dynamic Bearing CPU CoolerMotherboard: MSI - Z370I GAMING PRO CARBON AC Mini ITX LGA1151 Motherboard Memory: PNY - Anarchy 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 @3000 MemoryStorage: 960 evo 500gbVideo Card:place holderCase: Phanteks - Enthoo EVOLV ITX TG (Black) Mini ITX Desktop Case … Visit our corporate site. This case has plenty of airflow, thanks in large part to the vast mesh front panel. Small form factor builds appeal to people for many reasons. 6 minutes read. The Node 304 is the same case with worse cooling. The mini ITX format hasn’t historically been anywhere near as popular as the ATX or even microATX motherboards. The Elite 110 supports a broad range of graphics cards up to 8.3" long and even leaves enough room for 120mm all-in-one liquid coolers. The 12-core processor has plenty of performance available so we rounded up some of the best GPUs for gaming right now to go along with it. We chose the NZXT H200i as our pick for the best mini-ITX case overall. A Mini ITX case is any case designed around the mini ITX motherboard form factor, which is the smallest of the mainstream motherboard form factors on the market. Best mid-tower case | Best full-tower case | Best CPU cooler | Best DDR4 RAM | Best gaming monitor| Best gaming headset, Form Factor: Mini-ITX tower | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX | Dimensions: 273 x 216 x 355.5mm | Weight: 6.9 kg | Radiator Support: 120mm | I/O Ports: 1x Audio/Mic, 2x USB 3.0, Wireless Qi charger | Drive Bays: 2x 2.5-inch, 2x 3.5-inch. If this is your first build, a mid-tower case will give you more room to work with—but that's basically cheating. Best Mini-ITX Case Type: Ultra Compact Desktop | Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX | Card Length Supported: 305mm (12.01 inches) | Storage Support: (2) 2.5" | Included Fans: (1) 140mm $349 If you want to build a budget gaming PC, you're absolutely better off with a full-size ATX motherboard, as they are much cheaper, but a compact Mini-ITX case with an included PSU can save you a few pennies. Think about the lifespan of your components though, as you'll have much less room to expand in the future.