Drivers warned to slow down in wet weather

Drivers warned to slow down in wet weather

As rain continued to fall around the city last night, the traffic was being diverted away from the city centre as motorists faced a busy morning with work and school starting.

In pictures: Rain hits city

Motorist Mark Gough said he was driving along the A1 in north London near Oxford Street when the rain forced a halt.

He said: „It was raining really hard, but we got the lights and everything worked as it should.

„By the time we got to the A1 bridge, it was already dark out and I felt the traffic was being diverted off.“

He added: „Drivers should expect to wait for the traffic lights to come down at certain times this morning, and we expect a delay of around 10 minutes from the time traffic lights come off until the lights start coming off.

„Do yourself a favour and enjoy the beautiful views, there are some really impressive ones.“

Londoners are advised to plan carefully when it comes to safety, and keep their eyes open for signs or other traffic patterns that could cause trouble on roads at times.

Met Police said that traffic is restricted, in response to heavy rains and roadworks planned across the capital.

Motorists need to be aware of these conditions before undertaking any long trip. Always check all vehicles before beginning your journey.

The Metropolitan Police has created a dedicated website to help you find out about road conditions and to use the maps found on the website.

All traffic, including cycling, is expected to be limited at this time.

Terrific weather all around the UK:

In London, the weather has been spectacular for a number of reasons, including the rain, the arrival of Christmas and the high temperatures this winter.

The London Eye is the only major tourist attraction to appear thi바카라사이트s year – not in the summer months.
However, many other sights, with the exception of Stratford Tower and Buckingham Palace, are well outside the city centre.

There are also numerous signs of sunshine at times on the day, which is a nice thing.

The weather today:

This morning (10.30am), we’ll be bringing you the weather forecast, with informati더킹카지노on on high and low pressure, wind speeds, the number of clouds, sunsets and snowfall levels for all areas of the country and the UK.

Please go here for information on the weather forecast and the changes expected to happen over the next several hours..

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